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Clever Whatsapp Status | Clever Quotes | Images | Interesting | FB

Check Out The Huge And Updated Collection Of Clever Quotes, Clever DP, And Clever Ideas. Also, every day You Are Not Able To Change Whatsapp Status ,But If You Can Check My Website Every day I Will Post Here Strong Women Quotes, Double Meaning Love Quotes, Hot Quotes For GuysAnd Much more About Whatsapp Status Quotes Also You Can Check For Instagram BIOS, Instagram Captions, Instagram DP, Double Meaning Quotes. I See Many Peoples Everyday Who Wants To Change The Whatsapp Status On Daily Basis But It's Hard For Them To Change Status According To Their Personality Or Interest Or Mood. You can Get All These Status On My Website Every day.If You Face Any kind Of Problem In Copy/Paste Please Let Us Know.


Clever Quotes For Whatsapp

I Know That Currently Whatsapp Messenger Is Used By Millions Of Peoples From All Around The World.We Know That Most Of Peoples In The World Change Their Whatsapp Status So It's Very Difficult For Who Wants To Change Whatsapp Status Daily.So Today I Am Sharing Best Whatsapp Status With All Peoples So That They Will Never Face Any Problems On  Whatsapp Status Daily

Clever Status For Whatsapp

Love is like an Air ..We can't see it but! we can feel it.

Love is that which, cannot see the poorness...

Love in Life, ..Make the life beautiful.

In life, I need only you!

My "Heart" is always your! Clever Quotes About Life

My Friend ask me, How is your life? I said she is fine.

 In today's world, the key to success is to delete your ..Whatsapp & Facebook account!

Love doesn’t show up on an X-ray….but it’s there.

There is nothing greater in the world, than being loving parents...Short Clever Sayings

*Sometimes no matter..! how much you want things to happen! all you can do is wait...

We should love, Not fall in love...Because everything that falls gets broken....

I am "SINGLE" Because I have not found someone, who deserves ME...!

If nobody loves you, then you are doing something wrong..!.

No, I didn't trip The floor looked like it needed a hug.

Whatsapp: the only book teens read these days.Short Clever Quotes


In today's world, the key to success is to delete your Whatsapp account!

Just thought a thought but the thought I thought wasn't the thought I thought I thought.

It's Cute When your Crush’s Crush is You.

God made coke. God made Pepsi. God made me. Oh so sexy. God made rivers. God made lakes. God made you. Well...we all make mistakes.

You remind me of my Chinese friend...Ug Lee

Love doesn’t show up on an X-ray….but it’s there.

I never make stupid mistakes, only very very clever ones.Clever Quotes About Friends

There is nothing greater in this world than being loving parents. So take the first step today by getting married. Think different, do differently!

 LET’S F_UCK – All I need is U.'

 You can love me, hate me or masturbate screaming my name, it’s the thought that count.

 I will marry to a girl who looks pretty in her voter id card.Clever Quotes For Boys

I am a type of person, who wants to get good Marks, but doesn't want to study!

I might as well call you Google, Bcoz you have everything that I am looking for...

My first name and your last name, together make sound great!..

All man are not fools, some stay bachelors.!Short Clever Sayings

My Friend ask me, How is your life? I said she is fine.

In today's world, the key to success is to delete your ..Whatsapp and Facebook account!

Love doesn't show up on an X-ray... but it's there.

 Mirrors can’t talk, lucky for you they can’t laugh either.

 Zombies are looking for the brain, don’t worry you’re safe.Clever QuotesAbout Love

 May god bless you, sick and shameful life.

 Some people are beautifully wrapped boxes of shit.

 My ex-had one very annoying habit – BREATHING

 Dear men, life without women would literally a pain in the ass.

 People have become very naughty on WhatsApp... Even married women have put their status as AVAILABLE.

 I am not lazy! I am just at my energy saving mode.

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